The Problem With Digital Transformation

excerpt from Homeland by Cory Doctorow

This post is in response to the writings of Simon Norris on The Problem with Digital Transformation on the Nomensa blog.

In his post he writes with a heavy focus on his opinion that businesses are failing with digital transformation projects because they don’t have ‘design’ in their board rooms, or that the business isn’t building things with a customer-centric focus.

I have to confess that I am not sure I’ve fully understood some of the things Simon has written. I’m not sure who his intended audience for it was, but I don’t think it was me and that’s OK. Regardless, I have some thoughts on this myself and you should of course read Simon’s post too.

Please, accept that design is not the answer to everything – thinking about what you’re doing, is.

Many digital transformation project failures can be attributed to the partners they engage with – digital agencies and platform resellers primarily. In my experience the majority of these suppliers believe digital transformation is another description for selling in systems and site redesigns using the ‘customer experience stick’ to drive their point home.

This is an element of the process, yes. We want to ensure that our services from a digital perspective are meeting the expectations of the people we want to use it and there, in that statement, is my problem with Simon’s post. Continue reading “The Problem With Digital Transformation”

Residency for 2017 at Digital Catapult

As we begin the 2nd week of 2017 We Are AFK begins a new chapter as resident UX advisors at The Digital Catapult, Brighton.

I met the team last summer that lives in FuseBox at New England House; my home for many years whilst I was at Pure360 and is still home to many talented small businesses and smart thinkers. It’s just a shame it is so ugly, the toilets are gross and the entire place is either too hot or freezing cold.

I had an idea born from my experiences with the startup economy service Vestd where I had explored the idea of acting as a central coach to all the businesses on the platform.

What would happen if there was a person, or persons embedding in the incubator that was available like a meeting room for residents to bounce ideas about their products with, or to give them advice and teach them how to do things for themselves, or to help explore the problem space.

Would there be any interest?
Would it work?

Fortunately, for me the answers were yes, yes and OMG yes. And with that, I’m very happy to say that We Are AFK is available to the diverse group at the Digital Catapult to provide whatever they need to get their businesses moving forward and what a busy first week it has been!

I can’t go into great detail on what we’re working on just yet, but I can say that being in a space that has a current program of developing in virtual and augmented reality has already introduced some quite fascinating challenges which I’m really looking forward to getting lost in even further over the next few months.