There’s a shortage of skills for advertising online

In this article┬áby head of Hogwarth Worldwide, a global ad agency, Chris Ball expresses his concerns that we have a skills shortage in the advertising industry because now all the ad networks have ceased using flash, preferring HTML5. What grates me the most is that Creative Bloq are so content in having paid content that they didn’t at any point care to correct Chris in his entire statement that it is HTML5 that he is talking about when of course, he is not. Continue reading “There’s a shortage of skills for advertising online”

Responsible Web Components

Following up on Jeremy’s thoughts on Responsible Web Components I asked this question when the picture element was released, in as much as I thought if you strip it back it is pretty much the principles of <object> , which barely gets used now, but couldn’t we just extend what that does to fit the need of the problem?Wasn’t there something a few years ago about creating your own html elements? Did I dream this? I’m sure there was a debate about that the processor doesn’t really know what a <div> is except that it is a block element so you could have a <monkey> element? I mean, this is no different to the so called shim for html5 elements in IE versions by having a reset sheet that lists out all of those new block elements and adding the attribute –┬ádisplay: block;