Returning to Vegetarianism

In my late teens I became vegetarian, not entirely through choice but necessity.

At 17 I began to suffer a chronic stomach problem. I simply woke up one day and couldn’t keep food down. I went from what was probably already an unhealthy wait to just under 7 stone in the space of a month. Every day I was vomiting multiple times, as soon as I ate something, it would come straight back up. Continue reading “Returning to Vegetarianism”

Employability and expectations in the workplace

In April this year I was interviewed as part of a study by now graduate, and soon to be secondary school teacher Larna Pantrey-Mayer as part of her final study on the current state of the design industry as an employer and what to expect as a new member of the workforce so to speak.

Larna interviewed a number of business owners in Brighton, from well established companies in the area and having seen a recent talk of mine contacted me for an alternative perspective. Continue reading “Employability and expectations in the workplace”