Agencies Feeling the Squeeze

Adaptive Path, Sapient, Razorfish, etc., achieved high billing rates because they had something new and valuable that large companies could not easily replicate and incorporate into internal processes. The larger companies leap-frogged their competition by hiring leading edge agencies. However, we drank our own koolaid and are today thinking that companies will still pay premium rates for something that long ago became common knowledge via UXmatters, UX Magazine, UIE, Cooper, UXPA, wandering UX minstrels, etc.

This is a comment from Paul Bryan on a post by peterme titled San Francisco Design Agencies Feeling the Squeeze. I have to agree. From the aspect of User Experience Design much of the objective should be to educate the client so they make better decisions in the future. The imparting of wisdom is at the forefront of creating something great. That doesn’t mean that the output would be the same if they attempted it themselves, it would be different individuals with different views but also they would be engrained with the office politics, and history of the organisation and this can still lead to being crippled by yourselves. Continue reading “Agencies Feeling the Squeeze”